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Allan Kassenoff Reviews: Who is Allan Kassenoff? What Is In The Viral Social Media Video? Also Explore Reddit, And Twitter Account Details

Allan Kassenoff Reviews we will discuss a viral video and some of the posts shared by his wife Catherine before her death.

Are you aware of the case of Allan Kassenoff and Catherine Kassenoff? Who are they? Has Catherine ended her life? What was the matter between the two? People in the United States and Canada are worried and want to know if the news is real or fake.

The news article Allan Kassenoff Reviews will discuss what happened in the past, facts, and more.


What is the latest news?

A horrifying domestic violence and cruelty video of a man yelling at her wife and kids is spreading on social media these days. Unfortunately, the lady in that video is no more among us as she ended her life and left a heartfelt note behind.

Catherine Kassenoff, who quit her job to raise her three kids, battled breast cancer; the last stage diagnosed was terminal. Catherine Kassenoff, Attorney in New York, used to capture a short video of her husband, Allan Kassenoff, scolding her and her kids on various occasions. The relationship between the pair apparently deteriorated over time. Allan is accused of psychologically torturing his wife until her suicide earlier this week.

What is in the viral social media video?

A viral social media post contained more than three videos shared by Catherine with the name @therobbieharvey. For example, one Reddit video contains a clip where Allan is seen giving an “extreme trigger warning,” “I hate you, and I’ll be filing for divorce as soon as I can.”

The video clip also showed her cancer illness days when she could not move from her bed and asked Allan to take care of the kids. In the next clip, Catherine tells him about a doctor’s appointment, but he doesn’t care and walks away. He also refers to his dying wife as a “fat old loser that I hate.”

Update on how did Catherine die?

As per news sources, the death news of Catherine in Switzerland is on several media. A social media post from May 27 suggests she had an appointment in Switzerland for taking help in assisted suicide. Catherine wrote in her assisted death post that how she had been through the past four years and how Allan ruined her. She also penned her last Facebook post: “I’m writing my last post ever with a great heartbreak that I hope none of you ever experience. I’m going to take my own life today.” The post is viral on social media like Twitter, in which she continued writing a dignified and lovely location in Europe; that is what I shall be doing. She said she had no more alternatives. Before she committed suicide, Catherine made one last request, saying: “I ask that you keep telling my story so that the fact is known far and wide.”


The post contains repetitive assault from a husband and a disheartening message at the end. We are strongly against such behavior and want to educate our readers through this informational post.


A loving, caring mother and Attorney who suffered terminal cancer left her daughters behind after suffering horrifying domestic assault from her husband. We have tried to brief you on what she has been going through recently and why she has taken this step. You can watch one of Catherine’s viral video compilations here.

Do you also have a case of domestic assault to share? Please share it.

Allan Kassenoff Reviews- FAQs

Q1. Who is Allan Kassenoff?

Allan Kassenoff is an Intellectual property attorney in New York with over 20 years of experience in different matters in his field.

Q2. Who was Catherine Kassenoff?

Catherine was also an Attorney at Ridgefield, CT, and Allen Kassenoff’s wife.

Q3. When did Allan and Catherine marry?

On November 2006, Allan and Catherine got married.

Q4. When Catherine had her first cancer?

She was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 for the first time and then in 2017.

Q5. Does Catherine die of terminal cancer?

No, ended her life because of what she had been going through the past four years, not due to cancer but because of her husband’s behavior.

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