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Alicia Navarro Found Dead: Check Complete Information On Alicia Navarro Missing, And Crime Junkie

This article exposed Alicia Navarro Found Dead and her disappearance and more about Alicia Navarro.

Who is Alicia Navarro? What happened to Alicia Navarro? Alicia Navarro, a teen girl from Arizona, United States, vanished from home. Recently she appeared in the police station. 

After four years, Alicia Navarro was found far away police station. 

Are you curious about detailed information about Alicia Navarro Found Dead mystery case? Read the article entirely to know whether Alicia Navarro is safe or dead.

When Alicia Navarro disappeared?

Alicia Navarro, a 14 years teen girl from Arizona, vanished before her 15th birthday. Alicia disappeared four years before in the night. Police department authorities announced on 26th July 2023, Wednesday that the girl was found safely after four years.

Now Alicia Navarro turned 18 years. She walked into a police station in a small Montana town. Montana police station was located 40 miles far away from the border of Canada. 

Alicia Navarro Missing

Alicia Navarro, a young girl who was missing in September 2019 from her home. Glendale police said that Alicia Navarro was identified and found herself as the teen.  

In the press meeting, Jose Santiago, Glendale’s public communications safety manager, announced that Alicia Navarro was found safely. The communication manager also mentioned that the girl was healthy and safe. 

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Continue reading to learn more about Alicia Navarro Crime Junkie in a further section.

About Alicia Navarro 

Alicia Navarro, a 14-year teen girl, lived in Arizona Glendale, USA. Alicia lived with Ivan, her father, and Jessica Nuñez, her mother. Alicia had a younger brother and sister when she disappeared.

Alicia’s parents mentioned that their daughter was a simple and sweet girl. From the beginning of her young age, Alicia Navarro has good sensory abilities. She was also clever with electronic equipment. Alicia like to spend time playing video games. She usually plays Roadblocks and Minecraft games. Alicia always likes to wear sweatshirts. Chicken nuggets are her favorite food.

Is Alicia Navarro Found Dead?

No. Alicia Navarro was found safe after 4 years of disappearance. The teenage girl, Alicia Navarro, was missing from her home located in Glendale. 

Alicia was missed on 15th September 2019, when she was 14. After four years, Alicia Navarro appeared safely at the police station on 26th July 2023. And now she is 18 years.

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Alicia Navarra has safely appeared at the 100 Miles far away police station in Montana after four years. Most of them thought that Alicia was dead. Alicia’s parents have no words and are happy to see her daughter. Click the link to get Alicia Navarra’s mystery case and more.

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Alicia Navarro Found DeadFAQs

Q1. Who is Alicia Navarro? 

A young teen girl.

Q2. When was Alicia Navarro disappeared?

15th September 2009

Q3. Is Alicia Navarro found?


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