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[Update] Alexisdroid Con: Check Full Details On Alexisdroid Bordes de Colores, And Alexisdroid Iconos Flotantes

This post on Alexisdroid con will discuss all the crucial details related to the features and legitimacy of the Alexisdroid website.

Do you know about the Alexisdroid website? Are you searching for legitimacy details related to the Alexisdroid website? If yes, then this post is for you. Alexisdroid website of the Worldwide is searched by many people on the internet as people are curious about the legitimacy of the website. This post on Alexisdroid con will explain all the legitimacy details related to the Alexisdroid website, so we suggest all the interested readers to stay tuned to this post till the end.


Introduction to

Alexisdroid website provides video game mods for Android. It was released on 5th May 2021 and since then it has been responsible for providing all kinds of applications and games. It also provides a 1200 in 1 gaming app. Alexisdroid website is known for its unique applications and because of this, it is very famous among the netizens. Hundreds of people visit the Alexisdroid website on a daily basis. Alexisdroid website is available in Spanish language but users are free to translate the Alexisdroid Bordes de Colores.

When the Alexisdroid website became popular, the owners of the Alexisdroid website launched a domain named Alexisdroi on 28th August 2022. Alexisdroi is very similar to the Alexisdroid website and has the same features. Alexisdroid and Alexisdroi website are very similar and are launched for the same purpose of providing MODs.

Specifications of the

Alexisdroid website also hosts some sponsored links in order to run its operations. All of these links are news links which provide articles on trending topics. These websites can sometimes be risky for the users. However, it becomes less risky if the website uses a secured HTTPS protocol. Alexisdroid Iconos Flotantes also uses a HTTPS protocol on their website.

During our research on the legitimacy of the Alexisdroid website, we were unable to find the terms of service, customer service details such as email address, phone number and the location of the website. Also, the cookies policy was not explained on the website and the privacy policy icon on the website lead to a website named Skenzo Ltd.

Services offered by the Alexisdroid website 

Alexisdroid website provides several services on its website. Some of the services offered by the Alexisdroid website are listed below.

  • Victor Manuel
  • Alexis
  • Popstar
  • Conjunto Primavera
  • Install free

While researching abou Alexisdroid con , we found that no matter what links user clicks on the website, the user is automatically directed to a third party website which is not related to the search results of the user.

Legitimacy of the Alexisdroid website

Alexisdroid website was founded on 5th May 2021 which means this website is around two years old. Besides this, the domain name of the website is going to expire very soon which means this website has a short life expectancy. Other than this, Alexisdroid website has a high trust score of 91 out of 100.

Other than this, there is very limited information related to the contact details of the owner and  Alexisdroid con. Also, Alexisdroid website has a valid SSL certificate and is not blacklisted by any company.

Customer’s feedback:

We were unable to detect any reviews or feedback fo the Alexisdroid website anywhere on the social media platforms and the internet. Also, Alexisdroid does not have a customer feedback section on the website. 

Social media links

Alexisdroid website is not available on any social media platforms so we will be unable to include any social media links.


To conclude this post on Alexisdroid con,  Alexisdroid website has a poor Alexa and DA score and provides many unspecified links on the website, so we suggest readers to stay away from the website as it can be a scam. Please visit this link to learn more about trust rank 

What are your thoughts on the Alexisdroid website? Tell us in the comment section.

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