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Alex Bodger Original Video: Who Is Alex Bodger? Where To Find Alex Bodger Murder Video? Check The Content On Stab Video Viral On Reddit, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter

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Do you know about Alex Bodger’s video? Alex Bodger is a well-known tik toker who is in news nowadays for a video he shot. Alex Bodger Original Video has been watched by the people of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries. The article will tell you about the original video of Alex Bodger.

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Alex Bodger video

Alex Bodger has been backlashed for the video he shot with an injured man. Alex Bodger TikTok Video has spread worldwide. Paul Stanley Schmidt was attacked outside a coffee shop. He was with his fiance and three years old daughter. After Paul got brutally attacked, a well-known tik toker

 Alex Bodger who is popular by the name of “Gora Pakoda” in tik tok started making a video with him. As per the online sources, Alex Bodger was smirking in the video with the victim. The Incident happened outside the Vancouver Starbucks outlet. 

Alex Bodger Stab Video

Alex Bodger’s video includes an injured man who got stabbed after asking the assailant not to vape in front of his daughter. After he got brutally stabbed by the assailant, the tik toker Alex Bodger started shooting a video with him. The video shows that he is smirking while shooting the horrific scene. Alex Bodger Murder Video includes an injured Canadian dad. 

As per online sources, the victim died in front of his daughter and fiance.  His comment section is filled with negative comments after publishing that video. As per the reports, Bodger told a news outlet that he was traumatized after watching the incident. As per a Twitter user, Alex also took a selfie with the victim’s body. 

Disclaimer: The video includes disturbing scenes so we have not posted the video in this article. The information here is taken from the online trusted website. 

Where to find Alex Bodger’s viral video?

The viral video was posted on Twitter. After it was watched by several people it got posted on other social media platforms also. The video is currently available on many online platforms such as Telegram. The video includes a terrifying incident that happened in a coffee shop in Vancouver. Alex Bodger was seen smirking in the video and was saying that he died with a surprising reaction as per the sources.

You can find the viral video on social media platforms. Alex got backlashed by the public for the video he filmed. The news went Viral On Reddit and users are commenting negative things about the tik toker. 

In a nutshell

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Alex video Instagram: Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Who is Alex Bodger? Why is he in controversy? 

Ans. Alex Bodger is a well-known content creator on tik tok. He is in controversy as he shot a video with a murdered man.

Q2. What does the Alex Bodger video include?

Ans. Alex Bodger shot the video with a murdered man in the vancouver coffee shop.

Q3. Is the video available on Youtube? 

Ans. We couldn’t find the video on YouTube

Q4. Where to find the Alex Bodger video?

Ans. You can find the Alex Bodger viral video on online websites or you can search for it on Twitter or other platforms. 

Q5. Who was the victim?

Ans. The victim was Paul Stanley Schmidt who was along with his daughter and fiance.

Q6. What is Alex Bridger Death Video?

Ans. Alex Bridger is the same video of Alex Bodger only the name is mispronounced.

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