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Alesha Macphail Autopsy Report: What Is Alesha’s Cause of Death

This research on Alesha Macphail Autopsy Report will guide the readers on the murder case of Alesha Macphail. Kindly read.

Are you aware of the Alesha Macphail murder case? This young was murdered brutally and died. Many people were shocked when this matter came into the spotlight. Also, this news was viral in the United States and other neighboring countries. Today, we will discuss Alesha Macphail Autopsy Report so that everyone gets to know how brutally this kid was beaten to death. 

Kindly stay tuned with us as we will share every detail regarding Alesha Macphail. Let us begin our research.


Autopsy Report: Alesha Macphail

Alesha was beaten to death by a teenager, Aaron Campbell. After her post-mortem, it was found that she was assaulted physically and tortured. She had 117 injuries. Some injuries were caused when she was alive. On the other hand, some were caused when she was dead. Reports also revealed severe injuries on her neck, face, nose, and mouth that showed she was smothered. It gave goosebumps to everyone.

Alesha Macphail Cause of Death

Alesha was a young girl of six who died due to pressure on her neck and face as revealed in the autopsy. She was murdered by a teenager, Aaron Campbell who was 16 years old. As per sources, she was abducted forcibly and assaulted. Also, her autopsy report revealed that she had 117 injuries. The incident took place on July 2, 2018, in Scotland.

How did It Happen?

Alesha came to her grandparents’ home for three days. It was approximately 2 a.m. when Aaron found their main door unlocked. He entered their house and carried some cannabis. He found the young girl asleep and kidnapped her and took her to the hotel room. As per Alesha Macphail Autopsy Report, she was assaulted physically and tortured. At last, this young girl was found dead at 8:54 GMT. Her missing report was filed at 6:23 GMT.

Evidence against Suspect

As per reports, police officials got DNA and fibers of clothes, CCTV footage, to prove his guilt. Aaron also accepted his crime. He was sentenced to 27 years of jail but it was later reduced to 24 years. After he confessed his crime and was taken into custody, he seemed to be satisfied with the punishment. 

Such criminal activities should be put to an end and strict punishments should be given to the offenders. Alesha Macphail Cause of Death was shocking for everyone and this loss was unbearable for her family. 

Testimonial of Alesha Macphail

Real Name Alesha MacPhail
Date of Birth  2011
Place of Birth  Glasgow, Scotland 
Reason of Death Pressure on the neck and face
Place of Death Rothesay, Isle of Bute
Death of Death July 2, 2018
Age at the time of Murder 6 years
Resting Place Coatbridge, Coltswood Cemetery
Parent Robert MacPhail and Georgina Lochrane
Murderer of Alesha Aaron Campbell 
Autopsy Report 117 injuries

All these details will give you a brief outlook on the personal life of Alesha Macphail. The information on Alesha Macphail Autopsy Report reveals everything that happened to this young girl.

Note: Please note that all these details were taken from web sources. The news regarding this murder was published online. We are only providing information based on it.

This post on Alesha Macphail Autopsy Report will tell you about the murder case of Alesha Macphail. This innocent young girl was brutally killed that shocked everyone. Aaron has been sentenced to 24 years of jail. You can get complete information from this post.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 – How did Alesha die?

Ans. Alesha was murdered by Aaron. He put pressure on her neck and face which resulted in her death.

2 – Who murdered Alesha?

Ans. Aaron Campbell, a young teenager 16, physically tortured and murdered Alesha Macphail.

3 – What was found in her autopsy report? 

Ans. After her body was discovered, Alesha Macphail Autopsy Report showed that she had 117 brutal injuries. 

4 – Where was she murdered? 

Ans. Aaron found the door of their home unlocked and he entered the house and kidnapped her. Then, he took her to a hotel room.

5 – Was Aaron punished?

Ans. Yes, Aaron was sentenced to 27 years of jail. Later on appeal, his imprisonment was reduced to 24 years.

6 – When was Alesha murdered?

Ans. On July 2, 2018, she was kidnapped and murdered. 

7 – When was Aaron charged with murder?

Ans. Aaron was charged on July 5, 2018. But, he denied his guilt. Later, his trial started on February 11, 2019.

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