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Alcx Coin (December 2021) How To Buy?, Contract Address

The below post shares with you all the details of one of the prominent coins, Alcx Coin; please refer.

Cryptocurrency has been blooming with flying colors over the past few years now. People find it the best investment option because one can earn decent money without breaking their back. Suppose you are looking for top-ranked crypto Worldwide to begin your investment, then keep reading this guide until the end.

Walking through the below post, you will learn about Alcx Coin, how to buy and its current price. So let us now dig deep into the actual topic right away.

Introduction to Alchemix Token

Alchemix is the governance Crypto coin for the Alchemix protocol traded Worldwide with the ticker symbol Alcx. It is a self-repaying program where you can spend and your money at the same time. Suppose you want to join the most powerful platform ever; you can visit its official site.

Fisher8, Maven 11, GBV, Protoscale Capital, and Spartan are significant partners. Do you want to know the founder information and current price of Alcx, then continue reading the guide?

Who is the Founder of Alcx Coin?

As per our research, Scoopy Trouples is the founder of Alchemix token, and its headquarters is situated in Finland.

ALCX Token Current Price

The Alchemix live price is $218.12 with a trading volume of $1,62,29,286 for 24 hours. ALCX to USD price is updated in real-time. In the past 24 hours, Alchemix has been down by 3.56%.

Alchemix Market Supply and Other Statistical Details

All the below details are taken from genuine crypto data analysis site:

  • Market Cap: $189,180,849
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: $336,836,068
  • Market Rank: #307
  • Circulating Supply: 877,792.26 ALCX
  • Max Supply: 1,562,945
  • Total Supply: 1,113,213
  • Trading Volume: $16,229,286.48
  • Alcx Coin Price Change: $-10.07
  • Total Value Locked (TVL): $1,497,199,132
  • 24 hour high/24 hour low: $211.26 / $235.05
  • 7 days high/7 days low: $215.66 / $306.33
  • All-time high: $11,060.63 (May 11, 2021)
  • All-time low: $207.28 (Sep 29, 2021)

Price Prediction of Alchemix Crypto Token

The predicted price of the Alcx token in the next year is $680.55. Also, financial investment advisors have estimated that Alcx may rise to $755.78 in 2023 and $865.74 in 2024.

Let us see how and where to buy the popular coin in the next section.

How to Buy Alcx Coin?

Follow the simple step by step procedure to buy Alcx; Binance, Coinbase, OKEx, Mandala Exchange, and FTX are the most active platforms to trade Alcx; we have explained the procedure trading Alcx using Binance:

  • First, visit the official site of Binance.
  • Buy the first Bitcoin.
  • Since Alcx is an altcoin, transfer crypto coin to any altcoin exchange FTX.
  • Deposit BTC to Exchange
  • Finally, trade Alchemix coin. That’s it; you are done! Check commonly asked queries of ALCX token in the below part.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ’s

Q1. What is the official website of Alchemix Crypto Coin?

A1. The official website of Alcx Coin is https://alchemix.fi/.

Q2. Specify the smart contract address of ALCX?

A2. Smart Contract Address: 0xdbdb4d16eda451d0503b854cf79d55697f90c8df

Q3. Is it listed on Coinmarketcap?

A3. Yes, it is listed on Coinmarketcap

The Bottom Line

Observing Alchemix Coin’s vital statistics, market rank, and popularity, the token looks promising. Still, we suggest you analyze the coin carefully from your end and then only go for it. We hope all the information given here is helpful to you.

Do you consider investing in Alcx Coin? Please share your words in the comment section below. Also, get to know about the next big crypto coin to trade here.

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