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Airstack Token {Aug 2021} Coin Price, Chart, Prediction

Airstack Token {Aug 2021} Coin Price, Chart, Prediction >> This article will tell you about the staking feature in cryptocurrency and the newly launched platform which lets you do so.

Are you wondering about newly launched cryptocurrencies? Do you invest in cryptocurrency regularly?

Since today’s topic is related to staking in cryptocurrency, so let us brief you. Staking involves collecting and reserving tokens to validate the transaction through blockchain. Additionally, it allows user to participate in securing the network by locking up tokens.

While cryptocurrency has gained massive popularity Worldwide, it is better to research and then invest in it. So, are you aware of the Airstack Token? If not, then be with us to know the details.

Brief about cryptocurrency:

Before diving deep into today’s topic, let us briefly know about cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is the currency in the form of tokens and coins and exists on the ledger. Cryptocurrency expanded dramatically after the successful launch of bitcoin. Now, you never know which digital token release tomorrow, to try their luck in this virtual market.

What is AirStack and how does it work?

It is a next-generation crypto staking platform that allows users to stake their tokens and participate in a Decentralized Finance system simultaneously. Airstack Token allows users to securing the network but without locking up tokens. As staking is a sound investment when your assets are lying idle in a digital wallet or ledger. However, in AirStack, you can stake your tokens while keeping your assets liquid.

They use real-time interchain communication to do so.

  1. Stake- deposit your token on Airstack contracts and earn rewards.
  2. Mint- Mint 1:1 ERC20 derivative tokens against staked tokens, and you are eligible to unlock liquidity.
  3. DeFi- use these derivative tokens to trade in the Decentralized Finance system for additional rewards.
  4. Redeem- burn interchangeable derivative tokens and receive staked Airstack Token in your wallet.

So, these are simple steps on how they implement real-time and how it works. Now, let us see who owns it.

Who owns Airstack?

It is unknown who is the authorized person of Airstack, and their social profile is also missing. So, we cannot provide the exact detail about who is the owner of Airstack. But Airstack promise they build it by keeping security in mind. So, let us see some more points regarding this:

  • They maintain transparency, as all transactions are tracked on the public blockchain.
  • Derivative tokens and Airstack Token are secured as 1:1.
  • They provide multiple blockchain support from day one.
  • You don’t need any minimum amount to stake, and hence open for all.
  • You will get rewards and tokens in the DeFi ecosystem.
  • Cross-chain oracles for cutting-edge connectivity.

Token price and market supply:

The price and market supply are updated every 5 minutes with the latest price details. While writing, the price and market supply of this token are:

  • Live price: $ 0.00
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: 90,395,988
  • Fully diluted Market cap: $ 0.00
  • Holders: 1,234,979 addresses
  • Transfers: 1,2391,141
  • Active holders in last 24hrs:  Unknown

Where and how to purchase Airstack Token?

While the crypto world has grown far ahead, and daily innovative things happen in this virtual world to understand it better and gain more trust in users. But as it is newly launched token so, we do not have enough information, maybe it will update soon. However, you can go to their official website and check for more details.


Q- What is the official website of Airstack?

  1. The official website is www.airstack.net

Q- Why do they use airdrop? 

  1. The crypto airdrop is a marketing strategy used by startups in the cryptocurrency world.

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Airstack Token allows users to secure the network but without locking up tokens. This is undoubtedly an extraordinary step towards staking. However, we suggest our users thoroughly investigate and do deep research before stake using Airstack

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