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{Updated News} Aidonia Wife Instagram: Was Their Child Sick? Has Son Khalif Pass Away Due To Cancer? Check Out Their Kids Details! Know About Father!

The article provides a brief on Aidonia Wife Instagram and the details of their nine-year-old son, who passed away on Sunday, battling Brain cancer.

Have you heard of the death of Aidonia’s nine-year-old son? Do you know the reason behind his death? People Worldwide woke up with shocking news on Sunday, December 4, after they heard of Aidonia’s son passing away.

The couple did not post anything on Instagram, and we completely understand the reason behind this silence. Aidonia’s wife, Kimberly Megan, is tight-lipped about the matter and mourns the death of his son. In this article, we will provide you with the complete details of Aidonia Wife Instagram.

Disclaimer: We have provided all positive information taken from the authentic sources.

Aidonia Wife Biography

Kimberly is mourning the death of her Son, and has not posted anything on a social media website about her son. She came into the limelight after marrying the Danceball fame, Aidonia, while she was engaged to him four years before their marriage. 

She has more than 80,000 followers on Instagram after she married the famous star.

As for her son, he was a nine-year-old boy who was Sick for a long time, and we have not found any biography related to him.

What is Aidonia’s wife’s educational background?

As for her education, we do not have much information now, but we will update as soon as soon as we find something. We only now know that her son died battling brain Cancer on Sunday, November 4, 2022

Khalif was a small boy, so we still need his educational background.

King (Son Khalif) Cause of death.

After knowing about his death, people wanted to know the real reason behind the Child’s passing away. He suffered from brain cancer and lost his life while battling the disease. The Child was ill for some time, and he could not bear the pain and passed away.

King Khalif’s Obituary, Passed Away, and Funeral

People are asking how did Khalif Pass Away? As mentioned, he lost his life battling brain cancer, and till now, the family has not said anything about the funeral. We have not found any official obituary details of the deceased by the family members. But the report of his passing away is entirely accurate.

Who is King Khalif’s Parents?

If you need to learn about Khalif’s parents, let us tell you that King Khalif’s Father is Sheldon Lawrence, popularly known as Aidonia. His mother is Kimberly Meghan. The couple got married in 2016 and had only Khalif as their Child.

Is King Khalif Married?

King Khalif was a nine-year-old boy who lost his life battling brain cancer. The Child was suffering from the disease for a long time, but we do not know the exact time since when he was suffering from this disease.

King Khalif Wiki

Have a look at Khalif’s Wiki

Full Name King Khalif Lawrence
Date of Birth January 25, 2013
Place of Birth Unknown
Nationality Jamaican
Zodiac sign Unknown
Age 9 years old

A small wiki on Aidonia’s wife Kimberly

Full Name Kimberly Megan
Age 41
Date of Birth October 11, 1981
Nationality Jamaican
Zodiac sign Libra
Marital status Married

King Khalif’s Age, Date of Birth

Khalif was born on January 25, 2013, and Aidonia’s wife was a 41 years old woman born on October 11, 1941. She had no Kids except King Khalif.

Aidonia’s Wife, Net Worth

Kimberly is a famous Instagram star; her net worth is approximately $ 1.5 million.

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The loss of Aidonia and his wife is unimaginable. The couple has not expressed their grief on social platforms, and we pray for the departed soul and the family of the boy.

The news of King Khalif passing away is spread across the whole media. What are your views on the news? Comment below.

Aidonia Wife Instagram-FAQs

  1. Who is Aidonia?

Sheldon Lawrence, popularly known as Aidonia, is a Danceball Fame.

  1. Who is Aidonia’s wife?

Adonia’s wife is Kimberly Megan.

  1. What is the official account of Kimberly Megan?

kimberly__megan is her official Instagram account.

  1. When did the couple get married?

The couple got married in September 2016.

  1. How did their son, Khalif die?

He lost his life battling Brain cancer.

  1. For how long was he ill?

We have yet to get the exact information about the same.

  1. Is there any obituary report put out?

We have not seen any obituary or funeral details posted by his family.

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