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Affinity Fcu Text Scam: Check Complete Information About Affinity Fcu Text Message Here

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Affinity Fcu Text Scam to know how it works and how to avoid getting scammed.

Are you a customer of Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union? Did you receive suspicious messages regarding your account? Do you know how to recognize if the message is unauthentic? Thousands of people in the United States received messages with tag line ‘APFCU:.’ 

Do you know that several such messages were part of scams? What was the content of these messages? Let’s analyze all the facts about Affinity Fcu Text Scam.


About the APFCU scam:

Irrespective if a person is a customer of APFCU, several text messages were sent to their contact number between July 2022 and to date. The messages created an urgency to take action depending on the content of the messages. 

Information in the message:

The messages began with the text ‘APFCU:.’ The messages informed that the customer’s account was suspended due to suspicious activity. Further, it provided a phone number to contact APFCU customer service to verify the activities on the account.

The message informed that either customer’s credit card/debit card/check card/saving account access is suspended or temperately locked due to a potential compromise. The Affinity Fcu Text Message directed customers to call the card service line to reinstate/reactivate their accounts.

The scammer’s plot:

It is a plot of scammers as the customer will try to contact the phone number provided in the text message because it creates an impression of urgency and the account being compromised. 

The message was sent only in the form of text and avoided contacting customers on their email or other messaging apps such as Telegram/WhatsApp. Most messages only contained a phone number to call back and did not provide a website link.

Latest trick of Affinity Fcu Text Scam:

Most people are now aware that they should not click on any link provided in the message as it will redirect them to third-party unauthentic websites. People are now aware that such fraudulent links may look similar to the URLs of official bank websites with slight differences in spelling, or the unauthentic link may be shortened using bitly services. Hence, APFCU unauthorized messages are not providing only contact numbers.

Why was the message mistaken as genuine?

Several customers mistook fraudulent messages as official messages from APFCU, as the bank is authorized to verify account transactions with the customers over SMS. The Affinity Fcu Text Scam looked authentic as APFCU also provides a helpline SMS number – 81508 to get help on suspicious account transactions over the SMS. 

APFCU also provided a Member Solutions Hub helpline number 800-325-0808 to call customer service and a service STOP to remove the customer’s number for receiving such messages! Hence, even the scam/spam messages also looked genuine to several customers.

Reporting the fraudulent messages:

You can directly contact APFCU Member Solutions Hub helpline number 800-325-0808 to verify or report suspicious account activity, or you may report it to National Credit Union Administration Consumer Assistance Center at 1-800-755-1030 between 8:00 and 17:00 EST. 

Avoiding Affinity Fcu Text Scam:

Avoid calling the phone number mentioned in the message, as you may not know if it pertains to a scam. Do not respond/reply to such messages as they may take you to a live chat, ask you for more personal and payment details over the SMS, or call under the banner of unblocking your account.

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Amid the APFCU text scam, accessing their official website or contacting their customer service on official phone numbers is advisable. Clicking on any link or responding to the phone number mentioned in the Affinity Fcu Text Scam should be avoided. This way, you ensure you don’t reach a scammer/fraudulent website and still verify your account activity with APFCU. Clikc here to know about Fraud Prevension Guidelines.

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Affinity Fcu Text Scam – FAQ

1Q. What happens once you respond to the APFCU scam message?

Customers did not discussed on the internet about what happened over the call. However, the message is a smishing attempt. 

2Q. What other information did the message contain?

Several messages circulated with the text ‘Federal Credit Union:’ and excluded any reference to Affinity Plus. However, if the person is a customer of APFCU, it tricks them by giving the impression that the message is from APFCU.

3Q. What were the customer reviews and feedback about the APFCU text scam?

No specific feedback was posted on the internet about customer’s experience regarding the APFCU text scam.

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