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Adelaide Hall Death Cause – Read Net Worth, Husband, Accomplishments, Family, Biography, Hall YouTube Video!

The Adelaide Hall Death Cause post has details of the Husband, Family, Net Worth and YouTube video of an American-born singer. 

Are you searching for a Biography of American-born jazz singer Adelaide Hall? Why is Adelaide Hall keyword circulating on various social media sites? Netizens are searching for details of the United States-born singer after search engine giant Google celebrated the singer’s 122nd birth Anniversary by making a Doodle of her on 20th October 2023. 

The famous jazz singer moved to the United Kingdom in 1938, making it her permanent home. Adelaide Hall Death Cause has complete details of a singer known for introducing scat singing.

What is Adelaide Hall Death Cause?

Adelaide Hall died at 92 at London Charing Cross Hospital on 7 November 1993. She died in the early hours of the day, surrounded by her friends and well-wishers. The hospital declared her cause of death as natural.

Adelaide died of old age and was not suffering from any fatal disease at the time of her death. Hall’s funeral took place in New York as per her wish, but in London, a memorial service was held at St Paul Convent. 

Who was Adelaide Hall Husband?

Hall began her stage career in 1921 and met British sailor Bertram Hicks. Adelaide married Hicks in 1924 and lived in America during the early days of her marriage. Hicks opened a club in Harlem, New York, soon after their marriage. The Club was named “The Big Apple”, and he later became Hall’s official business manager. 

Although Adelaide Hall Husband was British, his place of birth was Trinidad and Tobago. There is not much information available on the personal life of Adelaide, but some reports suggest that the couple has no biological children. Hall and her husband moved to the UK, making it their permanent home. Bertram Hicks died in 1963 as the husband of famous singer Adelaide Hall. 

Adelaide Hall Net Worth and Income:

Adelaide Hall lived for 92 years but started working at 21. As her father died earlier, Hall started working early to support herself and her mother. She has a long career as an actor, singer and musician. Hall’s American career spanned from 1921-35, while her European career lasted in 1938.

Adelaide Hall Net Worth is estimated at 1.5 million dollars at the time of her death. Hall participated in many world tour concerts during her American career and also opened a club in New York along with her husband. She went to the UK in 1938 to participate in the stage show of Edgar Wallace and become popular with British audiences. 

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Adelaide Hall Accomplishments in the Music World:

She started her career in 1921 by joining the popular musical band “Shuffle Along” on Broadway. Hall’s European tour in 1925 with Kiddies Chocolate helped her get audiences in cities like Paris and Vienna. Adelaide is best known for the scat song “Creole Love Call,” which she did a Duke Ellington composition. The Blackbird 1928 show became popular among American and European audiences, generating more than a million views. 

Adelaide Hall Family and Children:

Hall was born in 1901 to Elizabeth and William Hall in Brooklyn, New York. Her father, William, died in 1917, while her sister died of Influenza three years later. She started working at an early age to support her mother. Hall married Hicks in 1924 and remained with him till his death. The couple has no biological children. 

Adelaide Hall YouTube Video:

Hall singing videos are available on YouTube platforms and uploaded by different channels. Her video is mostly in black and white and shows her singing skills to be the preset audience. The signing lady is also known as “a voice of black history”, and some YouTube creator has published content under this title. 

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“The Blues I Love to Sing” by Adelaide Hall and the Duke Ellington Orchestra (1927) – love that growling scat she sings!
byu/roytheodd inJazz


Netizens searched for Adelaide Hall Biography after Google honoured her by making a Doodle of the singer on her 122nd birth anniversary. This is a wonderful tribute to the lady who mesmerized the audience for decades with her musical skills. 

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