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Adapad Crypto {Sep} Price, How to Buy? Contract Address!

Wants to know about the latest airdrop of Adapad Crypto? Explore the details by reading the content and get to know about its project.

Are you aware of the first Launchpad of the Cardano ecosystem? Do you want to know the details of the platform offering this? If so, then have your concentration on today’s article that highlights the details of the Adapad token. 

Cryptocurrency is becoming an ever-growing platform where new tokens, NFT collectibles, are launching day by day. Moreover, the airdrop of the Adapad has grabbed the attention of investors in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. It is why people are curious to know how to add the coin to their wallets.

So, let’s explore Adapad Crypto and clear the doubts!

What is Adapad?

It is a deflationary Launchpad developed on the Cardano ecosystem that charges a 10% fee on the tokens and an early staking fee of up to 25%. 

The platform journey was started with the introduction of BSC Pad, and now to bring the evolution in the ecosystem; it has launched the first deflationary Launchpad. It offers full control to the team on cross-platform launches and enables liquidity bot protection. 

Adapad Crypto gives investors a chance to participate in the IDO. Still, there will be specific conditions that investors must fulfill, i.e., staking IDO and completing the KYC process before the IDO time.

Founders of the Adapad

The well-known marketing department named BlueZilla has introduced the Adapad. Concentrating on the evolution of the cryptocurrency and the success of the BSCPad, the team members want to bring a Launchpad that can enable the new launches of the ecosystem. 

However, the well-experienced team members of Adapad have enough resources and knowledge to make more Launchpad products in the future.

Adapad Crypto Price Chart

  • The market cap of the token at the time of initial launch – $ 118,000.
  • Public Price – $0.0040
  • Maximum supply – 1,000,000,000
  • Listing tokens – 29,500,000
  • Liquidity – 15%
  • Airdrop – 1%
  • Rewards for the investors – 15.5 %

Details of the airdrop of the Adapad 

The airdrop was started on August 28, 2021, and will end on September 9, 2021. The campaign of the same is running on CoinMarketCap. The participants who will follow all the instructions will have a chance to win. The list of the winning participants will be issued on September 16, 2021. Moreover, the Adapad Crypto platform will be responsible for the airdrop distribution.

The selected investors will be given 10% of the tokens after one month, and after that, winners will get the tokens every month till the 100% tokens have been distributed.

However, if you are curious to know the key points of the airdrop, that are as follows – 

  • Total amount – 210,000 Adapad
  • Number of winners that will be selected -5000
  • Participants – 630734

How to buy the Adapad?

At present, no guidelines to buy Adapad Crypto are available. Thus, investors will need to wait for some time to purchase the token. To get early access, you can participate in the ongoing airdrop. Following are the steps to be followed – 

  • Add Adapad to the watchlist of CoinMarketCap
  • Join and become a part of the platform on all social media apps.
  • Tag and Tweet Adapad on your account.

However, if you want to remain in touch with the latest details of Adapad, do check out their Twitter Account.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the three different tiers of the Adapad?
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold
  • How to access the official website?
  • https://adapad.io/


By making you aware of the Adapad Crypto, we tried our best to share the details of the Launchpad. The airdrop still has two days left to end. So, if you want to participate, then do follow the steps discussed in the article. However, to keep yourself safe from crypto scams, learn How To Spot A Bitcoin Scammer.

What are your views about Adapad airdrop? Comment and share with us.

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