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Adamant Coin To PHP (Jan) Chart, Price & How To Buy?

Do you also want to know about Adamant Coin to PHP value and other important details? This helpful writing will guide you throughout.

Do you also come across other important news related to crypto coins? After the pandemic effect, many people start taking an interest in trading and investing in coins to generate a passive income source.

You can get all the important details about the popular Coin of the Philippines named Adamant through this writing. We will discuss the price and statistics chart, buying process, Adamant Coin to PHP, and other details.   

All You Need To Know About Adamant 

Adamant, a popular coin of the Philippines, this Coin is frictionless, yield generating, and working on a charity program. This is building a charity based on a community of many individuals.

Also, a unique thing about the Coin is that it follows a static rewards system for their investment, starting from 2.5% to 10%.

The crypto coin is available with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000,000 tokens, and no circulating supply of the crypto is currently available. You can also check Adamant Coin to PHP value to know better about the coin. Also, the crypto coin is giving a burn of 2% to 3% on every transaction related to the Coin.

Founders’ Details of This Crypto Coin 

Three people found the crypto coin, and the Coin is founded by Dominic GO, the CEO and a medical doctor and lead developer.

What Are The Price Details?

The price of the Adamant crypto coin is $0.00001618, which is 36.67% high in the last 24 hours, along with a higher value than the original price.

Adamant Coin to PHP 

ADMC to PHP rate value is ₱0.00084910, which has increased almost 36.3% in the last 24 hours.

Statistical Chart 

The specific statistics details about the crypto coin will help you to get more details:

  • Fully diluted market cap- $16,289,020.73
  • Price change- $0.00000403
  • Price change percentage- 33.18%
  • Trading volume- $266,714.63
  • Market rank- #3808
  • Market cap-No data
  • Market dominance- No data
  • Fully diluted market cap % – 36.26%

These details change with the price and time, so check the market regularly.

How To Acquire The Coin?

The adamant Coin can be acquired through any official exchange; follow this easy procedure to buy it on coin base exchange. Also, check Adamant Coin to PHP value.

  • First, visit the coin base exchange official link.
  • First, create your account or sign up on the exchange.
  • Search for Adamant Coin, choose the buying process.
  • Link your wallet to the exchange.
  • Add the fiat money like US dollar, as it is easier to purchase the Coin through Fiat money than buying it through another crypto.
  • At last, buy the Coin from fiat money, or you can exchange it with any official crypto coin.
  • Store the purchased cousin in a hardware wallet and start trading.

Listed Questions and Answers 

You can also trade in the coin through Adamant Coin to PHP value. Also, check this common question and answer of the coin.

Q1. Mention the trading volume percentage of this Crypto Coin?

A1. The trading volume percentage of Adamant is 174.18%.

Q2. Mention the right web address of this Crypto Coin?

A2. The web address of the Coin is https://www.adamantcoin.com/

Q3. What is the genuine smart contract address of Adamant?

A3. The contract address is 0xa55ef2fb2b7b6a60371fd3def9b806e74a48be69

Wrapping It All

Seeing the price chart of the Coin, we conclude that the Coin is currently displaying great price 

statistics and converting value as well. You can invest in the coin after getting more details of the Coin here

In the comment section, let us know what you think about Adamant Coin to PHP. Also, to learn the best coins to trade in 2022, follow here.

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