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Achraf Hakimi Wife Net Worth: Check Her Recent Instagram Post Now!

This article below shares all the important information regarding Achraf Hakimi Wife Net Worth as well as people’s opinion on Achraf Hakimi divorce.

Do you recognise Achraf Hakimi? Have you heard anything about his marital life? Do you know who his wife is? Do you want to know the truth about his marriage? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the correct place. 

People in the United States are curious to know Achraf Hakimi’s wife’s net worth. If you are interested in such information, please read the Achraf Hakimi Wife Net Worth post.


Description: This article is not promoting anyone’s relationship and doesn’t intend to hurt any person’s dignity. All the information has been gathered from reputable sources to educate the readers. Social media links have been shared because they contain useful information regarding this news.

Why Did People Want To Know Achraf’s Wife Net Worth?

According to reliable sources, Achraf’s wife has filed  divorce. She has stated that the cause is her net worth. Her net worth is nearly double that of her spouse Achraf; She also stated on her Achraf Hakimi Wife Instagram that Achraf’s paycheck is directly transferred to his mother’s account. 

She further stated that Achraf married her because she was rich. People were curious about Achraf’s wife’s net worth after hearing this. According to reliable sources, her net worth is around 2.5 million dollars.

Who Is Achraf’s Wife?

Hiba Abouk is Achraf Hakimi’s wife’s full name. Hiba Abouk is a Tunisian and Libyan-born professional actress who was born in Madrid in the year 1986. Her profession as an actor is the main source of Achraf Hakimi Wife Net Worth

In October of last year, she appeared on the front page of Vogue Arabia alongside Achraf Hakimi. The actress is most known for her role as Fatima in the popular show El Principe.

Achraf and Hiba Got Married Life

According to reliable sources, they married three years ago, in 2020. They were initially happy with each other, but now Hiba wanted a divorce due to financial issues. Achraf’s assets are registered in her mother’s name, and his salary is transferred directly to her mother’s account

Achraf Hakimi Wife Net Worth is more than Achraf’s. This is why Hakimi’s wife, Hiba, wanted a divorce. They have not yet been separated, but they are also not together as a couple.

People’s Reaction To This News

Fans of Achraf, a footballer, and Hiba, an actress, were shocked to find that their favourite couple will be divorcing soon. They have expressed their concern about this news on numerous social media channels. Many people have stated that they shouldn’t get a divorce.

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Achraf Hakimi’s wife, Habi Abouk, has filed for divorce, and the Net Worth is said to be the reason. Many people assume their divorce is a rumour, which is untrue. Many people expressed disappointment with this news on numerous social media accounts.

What do you think of Hakimi’s marital status? Please share your thoughts.

Achraf Hakimi Wife Net Worth FAQs

Q1. What is the age of Habi Abouk, Achraf’s wife?

Hiba Abouk is 37 years old. She was born on 30th October 1986.

Q2. What is the age of Achraf Hakimi?

Achraf Hakimi is 24 years old.

Q3. How many children Achraf has?

He has 2 children. Both are boys.

Q4. What is the name of the Hiba Abouk children?

Amin and Naim are the names of Hiba Abouk’s children.

Q5. What is the main source of income for Hiba Abouk?

Her profession as an actress is her main source of income.

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