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Accident Barry Mohan: Explore Complete Details On His Car Accident

Read about Accident Barry Mohan and learn all the details about Barry’s death and funeral.

Do you know the famous Irish singer Barry Mohan? If yes, we regret to inform you that the famous singer died in an accident. People from Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States are very curious to learn full details about Barry’s accident. This post will explain the vital details of Accident Barry Mohan, so please read the article below.


Barry Mohan Cause of Death, How did he die?

On October 17, 2022, Barry was driving on Monaghan road near Middletown in County Armagh when he had a terrible accident. Barry’s car collided with a lorry which made Barry unconscious and gave many injuries. He was then taken to the hospital and was announced dead after some time. 

Barry Mohan Obituary, Passed Away & Funeral

Barry’s remains were returned to his family on Wednesday. After that, a funeral notice was announced by the family members. Barry’s funeral took place on October 20, 2022, due to Barry Mohan Car Accident. Barry’s funeral took place. Many people gathered in the streets of Aughnacloy to pay respects to Barry Mohan. Many kids from elementary school came out in line to honour Barry Mohan. The band members carried the coffin to St. Mary’s church in Co Tyrone Town. 

Barry Mohan Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter accounts

Barry was sometimes active on any of the social media platforms. However, he barely posted anything on Twitter. The last post on his Twitter account was from the year 2016. He also had a few posts on his Instagram accounts, where the last post was on September 13, when he performed in a concert. Nowadays, Accident Barry Mohan has been trending on social media.

We are providing social media accounts of Barry below:

Further details of Barry Mohan’s personal life

Barry Mohan was a member of the band All Folk’d up. All Folk’d up is a country music band. Barry was the guitarist and singer in the band. He was a very professional person and was very hardworking, according to his band members.

Barry Mohan’s Parents

Barry Mohan’s Mother’s name was Mahina Mohan, and his Father’s name was Declan. Declan was a musician but died in 2007 from a car accident, just like Barry Mohan Car Accident. Barry also has a brother named Pauric, a lead singer in the band All Folk’d Up. Besides this, Barry has a child named Ceala Rose. 

Is Barry Mohan Married?

There are no details related to Barry’s wife or girlfriend. However, Barry has a daughter named Ceala Rose. Caela’s age is also not retrieved yet. 

Barry Mohan Wiki, Biography, Personal Life:

Real/ full name Barry Mohan
Nickname Barry
Profession Singer and Guitarist
Date of birth Unknown 
Date of death October 17 2022
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Age 28
Birthplace Ireland
Nationality Irish
Marital status Unknown
Wife name Unknown
Partner name Unknown

Barry Mohan Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion

Accident Barry Mohan has shaken everyone. Barry Mohan was Irish, and he was born in Ireland. But he lived in Dungannon, United Kingdom. Besides this, we do not have any detail related to Barry’s religion.

Barry Mohan Education Qualification, Career and Early life

Barry Mohan studied at Omagh college in the United States. No other education qualification could be retrieved from the internet. 

Barry Mohan Age, Date of Birth, Birthday

Barry Mohan was 28 years old and was born in 1994. Besides this, there are no details related to Barry’s birthday and exact date of birth. 

Fans’ tributes towards Barry Mohan


To summarise this post on Accident Barry Mohan, we hope Barry’s family and friends find the strength to move on from this unbearable loss. We want to say that Barry’s legacy will remain forever in the hearts of his fans and friends. Please visit this reddit post to know more about Barry’s death 

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Accident Barry Mohan – FAQs

Q.1 When did Barry Mohan die?

Barry Mohan died on October 17, 2022

Q.2 How did Barry Mohan die?

Barry Mohan died in a car accident when his car collided with a lorry.

Q.3 When was Barry’s funeral?

Barry’s funeral and burial ceremony was performed on October 20, 2022

Q.4 How many people were gathered for Barry’s funeral?

Hundreds of people gathered in the streets to tribute to Barry at his funeral.

Q.5 Who was Barry Mohan?

Barry Mohan was a singer and guitarist in a country music band called All Folk’d Up.

Q.6 How old was Barry Mohan?

Barry Mohan was 28 years old when Accident Barry Mohan took place.

Q.7 Who announced Barry’s death?

Barry’s band members announced Barry’s death on Instagram.

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