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Abby and Libby Autopsy Results: How Did Williams and German Die? Know Their Cause of Death! Has Murders Suspected? What Revealed in Press Conference?

In the given article, you will get the complete information behind the mystery of Abby and Libby Autopsy Result and Crime scene.

Who is the murderer of Abby and Libby? Does this case come to any conclusion? The 2017 United States case has been investigated for the last 5 years. Many suspects have been inspected, but there was no confirmed outcome of the killer.


The police recently came across powerful proof that points toward the primary suspects. Follow the blog to acquire the outcome of Abby and Libby Autopsy Result and murderer. 

What does Autopsy Report Reveals For Death Cause

As per the authentic media reports, the police will keep all the autopsy reports confidential. Currently, they have only updated that her family claimed that the investigating officers said that they have samples for DNA evidence that can be helpful in the case for finding a real culprit. 

Further, let’s give you a brief indication for the updated news for this saddened incident. 

How Did Abby and Libby Die: Check Recent Update

The suspects Richar Allen is not accepting the felony and had a valid explanation because it was a crowded place. After investigating for the last 5 years, police found video evidence that pointed toward the criminal.

There was a video recorded on Libby’s phone. When the police saw that video, they figured out the person responsible for killing Libby and Abby. 

How Did Abby and Libby Die Check Recent Update

Abby and Libby Murders

They crafted a picture of a man from that video by a sketch artist. In the video picture, you can see a man with blue denim and a navy blue jacket. He was following the teenagers for a very long time, but a short clip of that person shows ample evidence behind the Delphi murder case. 

Police did not reveal the name of the murderer, and there was no picture of the Crime Scene yet. Social media links for girls cannot be found, but you can check Allen’s Facebook account to clarify your doubts.

Abby Williams and Libby German

Two teenagers Abby and Libby, ages 13 and 14 years, respectively, from Delphi, Indiana, died in February 2017. Both teenagers were in 8th standard and had a day off. 

They decided to visit some historical places and streets of Delphi to hang around. Libby’s sister dropped them off at 1:15 pm on Heartland Highway (Count Road 300) for hiking and there they were seen last and the Abby and Libby Cause of Death is still in Shadow, and the mystery is unsolved.

Abby Williams and Libby German


On 31st October 2022, a press conference was held for taking a look for ongoing murder investigation. The authority socialises news, that the suspect Allen has been arrested for killing the young girls.

Do you think the case is closed? Share your opinion. 

Abby and Libby Press Conference: FAQs

Q1) Where Did Abby and Libby Die?

Delphi Indiana

Q2) Who is the Major suspect in the murder?

During the investigation, police investigated many people, but the prime suspect is 50-year-old Richard Allen.

Q3) In which school Abby and Libby was studying?

Delphi Community Middle School.

Q4) Is any other suspect arrested by police in the Delphi murder case?

Yes, police arrested Kegan Kline in August 2020. 

Q5) Did the court give their final Judgment?

The final hearing will be held between January and March 2023.

Q6) What is Abby and Libby Cause of Death?

Unravelled Yet.

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