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A-60 Doors Roblox: Know About Monsters! Check Brief Wiki!

This fascinating tale on A-60 Doors Roblox takes visitors to the latest horrifying adventure through the most exciting gaming platform.

What is the A-60 in Roblox? Did you try approaching the doors in Roblox? Among the monsters in rooms is A-60. When one participant enters or unlocks the Room 60s door, it begins to spawn. When ROOMS warriors experience what seems to be a slight humming, it causes PTSD.

Roblox’s Worldwide users are thrilled to experience more about Roblox’s features. So, let us explore A-60 Doors Roblox in this guide.

About Roblox A-60 Door:

After the participants had walked the perimeter of Room 60, A-60 would randomly spawn. It emerges at A-001 and begins pursuing any participants who are not presently inside a locker. It makes static/ humming sounds, with the humming being accompanied by a weak voice. Ghosts could not hear the so-called humming. 

A locker would de-spawn after a predetermined period when every player is inside it. Therefore, the more times an A-60 is faced, the longer it takes for it to de-spawn as well as the faster it hunts the gamers. 

Doors Roblox Monsters:

You can consider any sound you listen attentively since A-60 would travel extremely quickly. Rotating sideways won’t make a difference in hearing A-60 because the humming becomes stronger the closer he approaches you and is audible everywhere.

Participants must pause whenever they enter a space with conveniently reachable lockers and hear on A-60. It would help if you dashed over metal-floored chambers because your footsteps would be extremely audible. Continue reading for additional details on Roblox’s door.

A-60 Doors Roblox:

Keep a two-player team in place when traveling with certain other participants to offer everybody an opportunity to grab a locker without getting trapped by A-60.

To identify A-60, once it hatches and warns alive participants that they are approaching, ghost teammates may choose to remain back. Using the in-game messaging system won’t happen because ROOMS doesn’t record messages and information. You may view incoming messages by glancing at the speech box of the participant who has forwarded them.

Roblox Doors Wiki:

  • Creator of Roblox’s doors- RediblesQW and LSPLASH (Lightning_Splash)
  • Additional help in creation- GhostlyWowzers
  • Creation month- March 2021
  • Genre- Horror

Following the popularity of Apeirophobia and MImic, Doors, including A-60, has been added to Roblox as another survival/ horror-style game.


In this adventure, participants must navigate a ghostly hotel by creeping, and, most importantly, avoiding several terrifying monsters to escape eventually. 

Could you escape from monsters? Please comment. 

A-60 Doors Roblox: FAQs

Q1. What is A-60?

A-60 is a monster’s room.

Q2. How does the A-60 appear?

A-60 may be found in the Roblox gameplay’s DOORS as an easter egg (that draws inspiration from Rooms).

Q3. Does A-60 Spawn as A-200?

Instead of spawning as A-200 does, A-60 can appear if a door is opened.

Q4. Can A-60 take intervals?

Once A-60 Doors spawns, it could take a while to begin moving at irregular points because of lag as you move into the chambers.

Q5. What happens when you press F3 and shift?

Your many statistics, including ping, will appear as a result. The demon has hatched and is pursuing you as your ping begins to climb.

Q6. What happens when the volume is at maximum setting?

Loud sounds like metal footfall and flashing headlights would drown it out.  

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