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[Full Video] 85 Year Old Killed by Alligator Video: Was Woman Found Dead? Read Facts Now!

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Have you seen a video of an alligator pulling an old lady into the lake? What are the authorities’ actions on the alligator feeding on human beings? An 85-year-old lady got killed by an alligator on the edge of a lake. A video of an alligator snatching the lady went viral on social media.

The shocking news went viral in the United States, the Philippines, and Canada. Everyone is asking what the person was doing who was recording the video and why didn’t he or she help her. Keep reading to find all the information about the 85 Year Old Killed by Alligator Video.


Full story

Gloria Serge and an 85-year-old lady took her dog for a walk near the pond in her community. Suddenly an alligator was peeking out of the lake to attack the dog. Luckily the dog passed away, and the alligator caught the feet of the lady and dragged her into the water.

Moreover, a lady from the community, Carol Thomas, calls 911 and runs with a pole to strike the alligator so that he can unlock his jaw. Unfortunately, she couldn’t free her friend, and the alligator dragged Surge into deep water and killed her.

85 Year Old Women Killed by Alligator Video

An insider video is circulating on news and social media about a lady dragged by an alligator. The alligator kills the lady inside the pond after attacking her leg. The alligator wanted to hunt the dog Gloria was holding, but unfortunately, the alligator’s jaws locked on the portion of Gloria.

During the attack, Gloria was not dead. She was fighting the alligator to unlock his or and let her go. Unfortunately, the 700-pound Monster dragged her deep into the pond. Additionally, the video informs that Gloria didn’t notice the incoming Monster. When she realised, she took away her dog and walked a few feet away but couldn’t Run from the Monster.

Authority action after 85 Year Old Killed by Alligator Video

When police got information from the neighbour during the attack, they communicated with FWC to capture the alligator. FWC took lots of time to catch the Monster because he was deep into the water. Moreover, there is no information about the body of Gloria, whether she was eaten by an alligator or torn apart.

FWC in charge Robert Lilly caught the Predator and mentioned that it was tough to control the Predator. He also noted that it was very hard to bring him to the surface because he was unwilling to leave the bottom of the lake.

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An 85-year-old lady got attacked by an alligator near the side Pond while roaming around with her dog. The 700-pound Monster dragged her into the water and killed her. Gloria’s friend Thomas called 911 and informed about the incident and shot the video of Monster’s incoming

Can anyone save Gloria from the alligator attack? Comment below.

85 Year Old Killed by Alligator Video: FAQs

Q1 How many people were present at the spot during the incident?

Carol Thomas was watching the incident, and Gloria.

Q2 Is there any early report of alligators hunting people or animals at the lake?

There are no early reports of alligator hunts in that area.

Q3 What is the length of the alligator according to the FWC investigation?

The alligator was 10 M long.

Q4 What is the weight of the alligator as per the report?

The alligator weighs around 700 pounds.

Q5 85 Year Old Killed by Alligator Video available on social media?

Yes, videos are available on multiple social platforms.

Q6 Is the dog alive?

Yes, the dog ran away.

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