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{Updated} 8 Passengers Mom Arrested: Why It Is Related to Ruby Franke Arrest? Check Family, Instagram, Kids & Snark Reddit Details!

In the below post, readers will learn about the recently viral news regarding 8 Passengers Mom Arrested, Ruby Franke and further proceedings.

Why is the arrest of Ruby Franke and Jodi incident referred to as 8 Passengers Mom? Do you know the specifics of the case? If not, we will go through the critical aspects of the matter and find out the cause and repercussions of the case. This controversy is mainly viral in the United States and Canada

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Why is the ‘8 passengers mother’ arrested? 

This past Wednesday, on 30th August 2023, two Utah-based women were arrested by the police for promoting a harsh parenting style. The internet is filled with posts and discussions about the viral Instagram news about Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt, the masterminds behind the controversy. 

As per the reports, Ruby and her husband Kevin are accused of abusing children by the viewers of their channel. Know more details through the links attached for reference. 

More details about the incident :

Right now, there is little clarity regarding the specific details, but they are under fire due to their controversial content posted on YouTube. As the news continues to spread on Snark Reddit and other platforms, it is creating headlines on major media outlets. The 8 Passengers channel has gained significant subscribers, with a count of 2.3 million followers.

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Who is Ruby Franke? 

Ruby Franke and her Husband started a YouTube channel named 8 Passengers in 2015. The channel has eight members with six kids “Shari, Abby, Julie, Chad, Russell and Eve”. Their motive behind creating the channel is to convey their lifestyle, parenting style and the Family daily life. Users cannot find their channel on YouTube anymore as it is suspended. 

What are the charges imposed on Ruby Franke? 

Upon further investigation, it was found that one of the earlier videos is unavailable right now. It shows their eldest daughter, Chad, sleeping on a bean bag as a punishment for improper behaviour for nearly seven months. This matter was reported in 2020 but was dismissed later on. Several similar events are reported occasionally for the contents shown in Ruby Franke 8 Passengers videos.

But this time, Jodi, who provides teachings and parenting through ConneXions, and Ruby are arrested for two counts of aggravated Child Abuse. The two children were found with extreme wounds, malnourished and physically abused. After the children were found, they were immediately taken for medical assistance in a nearby hospital. The other four children are minors and have been taken into childcare services. 

Why are the eight passengers’ mothers arrested trending on social media? 

People are disgusted and repulsed by such behaviour towards Kids, especially minors. The public demands a formal investigation and strict punishment for such harsh teachings imposed on the children. The eldest daughter, Shari, shared in her Instagram story addressing the matter and said she and her family are glad for the justice served.

Social media URLs:

The Last Words

The Family and children have kept silent and refrained from publicly commenting. Further investigation is ongoing on the case, and the final verdict is not yet decided.

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