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{Full Watch} 8 Klasa Video Twitter: Is It On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram

What is 8 Klasa Video Twitter or 8 Class? Is it trending on RedditTiktokInstagramYoutube, and Telegram?

What are the details about the 8 Klasa Video Twitter? Who is in this 8th-class video? Why is this 8th-class video going viral? Where is this video going viral? Is this video about Tasnim Ayesha? Is this an old video of Tasnim? Now, the video has gone viral in the United Kingdom and Australia. Read all the details about the 8 Klasa video here.

8 Klasa Video Twitter

Some time ago, a video got leaked under the title of ‘Tasnim Ayesha.’ Today’s keyword is also related to the same video. It has been weeks since the video got leaked on social media. The video’s origin was from Bangladesh. 

8 Class Video is about a school girl getting intimate with her classmate. The video was leaked without her permission on social media. It was her moment. The boy in the video was Muntasir Billah. Who is allegedly her boyfriend? 

More Details about Reddit Viral Video 

The video immediately went viral on all social media platforms. Because the video was explicit, such video has high searchability. However, the explicit nature of the video violated the guidelines of Tiktok and other social media platforms.

Thus, the video was removed from every platform. Who leaked the video and who recorded the video is still not disclosed. But this video has been trending on social media for the past few months with different titles and keywords on Instagram.

Netizen’s Reaction On the Topic

Netizens were upset due to this viral video. Because the video was recorded and leaked without the permission of the person in the video. Everyone is calling social media dangerous and harmful. 

Viral on Youtube girl Tasnim Ayesha is not a celebrity. She is just a normal girl from Dhaka who is in the school and she is young. She has a social media account, but it is not public. 

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Telegram Viral Video Girl Reaction 

Tasnim Ayesha is a young girl who is not a person in the limelight. She was living an ordinary life until her private moments with her friend Muntasir went viral. She has suffered deep trauma and suffering from anxiety. 

Her Reddit video’s source account from where it was uploaded is also untraceable. The most hurtful thing is that the video is popping up again and again. She must have been bothered by the video going viral again. 

8 Class Video Girl Social Media Account

The social media accounts of Tasnim Ayesha are not present in the public domain. It is also not good for her. Because in the past, when the video got leaked at first, she received a lot of hate. When the TikTok video reached her community, she suffered heavy backlash, including from her family. Thus, she might have deactivated her social media accounts. 


In today’s article, we have discussed details about the trending video of Tasnim Ayesha on Instagram. The video has been on the trending list for the past few months. But people are searching for it again and again. She is just a normal schoolgirl from Dhaka, Bangladesh. whose intimate video went viral without her consent on Youtube. It is a case of cyber-crime. For more details related to cybercrime, click here.

Have you watched the viral Tasnim Ayesha 8th Class video? Comment your reaction below.

Disclaimer: The video has explicit and mature content.

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