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70th Birthday Princess Margaret: When Did She Die? Details Of Funeral, And Feet!

Let us check the celebrations of the 70th Birthday Princess Margaret through this post and learn When Did She Die, her Feet incident, and her Funeral. 

Was Princess Margaret a grand affair? Princess Margret’s 7th birthday was discussed due to the series depicting her lifestyle and glamorous birthday party. The recent episode of the series showed a grand royal party for Princess Margaret’s 70th birthday.

People Worldwide discussed the life of a princess who enjoyed social events, celebrations, and public life. Let us discover more about the magnetic and charismatic princess well-known for her glamorous lifestyle and 70th Birthday Princess Margaret through this post.

70th Birthday Princess Margaret:

Princess Margaret’s 70th birthday was recently discussed after many viewers watched it through a documentary series, “The Crown.” It was a grand affair at Hotel Ritz in October 2000 with 140 guests, including close friends and family. The exclusive birthday party witnessed Princess Margaret arriving in a red Rolls-Royce and Viscount Linley, her son.

Princess was in a wheelchair as her legs were burnt in a hot bath a year ago. Those were her final years when she wanted a glamorous party for the 70th Birthday Princess Margaret. She always used a cane or wheelchair during those days, yet climbed six steps to reach the Hotel restaurant for her birthday party. 

70th Birthday Princess Margaret

When Did Princess Margaret Die?

Princess Margaret was 71 when she died on February 9, 2002, at London’s King Edward VII’s Hospital. Her left side was paralyzed after suffering from a stroke in March 2001, and she also lost vision during her final year.

Princess last appeared at Princess Alice’s birth centenary celebration before Christmas in 2001. She wore sunglasses and sat in a wheelchair during her last public appearance. People who ask When Did Princess Margaret Die, it was after cardiac sequelae due to another stroke that ended her life in the early hours of February 9, 2002 morning, at 06:30 a.m.

When Did Princess Margaret Die

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When was Princess Margaret Funeral?

Princess Margaret’s funeral was conducted on February 15, 2002, on King George VI’s 50th anniversary. Princess Margaret left explicit instructions for her funeral. Her passing was witnessed by her Queen mother, 370 guests, and 29 other members.

A few reports indicate that Queen Elizabeth II was wiping her tears with a handkerchief during Princess Margaret Funeral services. She was cremated at Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel. Princess had mentioned before dying that no royal family member except her mother would be present for her funeral services.

The ashes of Princess Margaret rest with those of Philip and Queen Elizabeth II in Windsor’s St. George’s Chapel, King George VI Memorial Chapel.

When was Princess Margaret Funeral

Princess Margaret Feet:

Princess Margaret’s health condition was poor during her final years, specifically after February 23, 1998, when she suffered a mild stroke at her Mustique’s holiday home. A year later, she experienced an incident in her bathroom when her feet were severely scalded in a hot bathtub. Princess used a cane or a wheelchair to go from one place to another.

This incident impacted her mobility. After Princess Margaret Feet burning incident, she always required support to walk. Her public engagements were restricted after the two strokes diagnosed in 2000 and 2001.

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Princess Margaret’s 70th birthday was due to The Crown series, which depicted the grand event. She suffered from health issues and strokes during her final years. Princess Margaret had a glamorous life and was well known for her public appearances and for enjoying social events. Stay tuned while we update more on the 70th Birthday Princess Margaret.

Did you watch a movie that depicted Princess Margaret’s 70th birthday party? Share how impressed you were to see her glamorous lifestyle.

Disclaimer- We do not promote the popularity of royal families or individuals; we only share their lifestyles and life events.

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