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5657.com Scam – Check The Legitimacy!

To get the facts about the 5657.com Scam by reading the Review of the portal.

Did you hear about this 5657.com scam? Many of the people have reported it. This scam has cheated people WorldwideMoreover, there is a need to scrutinize details about the 5657.com Scam. So, let’s read the following section to get the entire details of this ongoing scam.

What is a 5657.com Scam?

It is an online scam that offers lucrative deals to users. It is a job scam that offers fake online jobs to clients. This scam has cheated people from the entire globe. Many of the victims have reported it.

Individuals are getting fake mail related to offering jobs and asking for a deposit to join. 5657.com Scam has cheated many people. It sends fake mail and links. After clicking on the link, it will ask all the details. After that, you will bear a financial loss.

It is a scam that is running in the name of a renowned company that is too old and offers reliable services to its clients. This type of scam harms the image of a reliable company. The scam is nowadays increasing. It is the easiest way for scammers to make prompt money.

What about the 5657.com Review?

We did not get any social media icons on the portal home page. So, this portal does not advertise itself on social media. So, here, we have yet to get any single client feedback. To move to another online buying-selling portal we did not get any client testimony about it.

5657.com Review needs to be added to all the genuine platforms. To get a strong presence on the online selling platform, it needs to add genuine client feedback. Because valid reviews create trust among the shoppers, here we will advise clients to read about- How to get a full refund on PayPal Scam if scammers cheat them.

To know 5657.com Scam or legit, read its vital facts-       

  • This website has been created on 29th May 2003, so it needs to be updated domain.
  • It might be shut down on 29th May 2024.
  • It was last updated on 14th October 2023.
  • The trust score is above average, which is 68%.
  • Its trust index is 58.4%.
  • We did not find its phishing and threat score.
  • The malware score also needs to be included.
  • The portal lacks client testimonies that show that the  5657.com Scam exists.
  • There is no detail about its owner.
  • There is no Alexa ranking.


  • The website URL is missing.
  • We did not get its e-mail address.
  • There needs to be a contact number.
  • The physical location of the portal needs to be included.
  • The social media availability needs to be included.
  • We have yet to get any reliable shopping policies like return, refund, shipping, etc.

To read 5657.com Reviewget its advantages:

  • The domain was created many years ago, so it needs to be updated.
  • Its trust score is excellent.
  • We found a valid SSL certificate to secure client details.
  • As per the DNS filter, the website is safe.
  • There is no phishing and malware.
  • The trust index is also excellent.

Disadvantages of the portal-

  • We have yet to find 5657.com Review anywhere on the online platform.
  • The contact number needs to be included.
  • There is no physical address.
  • The social media web page of the portal needs to be included.
  • The portal offers no shopping strategies.
  • The owner’s identity is missing.


In our study on the 5657.com Scamwe found it is too old but needs more popularity and feedback. Still, many details need to be added to the site. So, it is not a legitimate portal to shop. Click here. Read hereHow to avoid Credit Card scams to save yourself.

Would you like to use it? Please tell us in the comment section.

Disclaimer- We are not promoting any portal. Our intention is only to offer knowledge to our readers.

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