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{Updated} 5 Young Mexican Students Killed: Details On Young Men Lured by Fake Job

This article exposed how and why the 5 Young Mexican Students Killed. And also more about the victims.

Are the five Mexican students killed? Who killed the 5 young men? Why were the students killed? Five young boys were missing in Mexico, the United Stateslong back. The young boys are between 19 and 22. Recently the brutal killing video was shared by the gang. Read the 5 Young Mexican Students Killed article for the reason for the murder and the report.

Mexican Students video

The five Mexican students’ brutal murder video shared on the Internet makes shock. The Mexico City gang brutally killed the five young men, and they shared the video on the Internet. It was horrible.   

The news reports mentioned that the fake job offer made the men meet the toxic substance gang. The job offered made five young boys meet a Mexican gang. The Mexican gang posted the killing video of the five students on social media. In the further section, continue reading to know the reason behind the 5 Young Men Killed by Cartel. 

Terrible killing video of five students

The murder video of five students killed by a Mexican gang was shared on the Internet. The video has gone viral. After seeing the video, everyone was shocked and saddened. 

In that video, the young boy’s head was cut off. A few days ago, the horrifying graphic video was circulated online. In that video, the five young Mexican students were brutally killed dreadfully. The students killed were all friends. And they are in age between 19 to 22 years. 

5 Young Men Lured by Fake Job

The toxic substance dealing gang killed the five Mexican friends. The students were stabbed, hitten, and killed after gathering the cartel. The students met the gang because of the fake job opportunity to obtain service as private security. The students met in contact with the gang in town. After their meeting, they were not seen until the murder video was shared online.

El Universal reporter Carlos Arrieta reported that the pupils decided to meet with the Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG) cartel. The reporter mentioned that the gang enticed the young men to join their lines because of Resisting 5 Young Mexican Students Killed.Continue reading for detailed information about the students and more. 

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Are the victims identified? 

The victim’s acquaintances, relatives and families have identified the young boys in the shared video. The victims are Dante Cedillo, Roberto Olmeda, Jaime Martinez, Diego Lara, and Uriel Galvan. The El Universal report says the most reasonable clarification is that the young men communicated to a call center for employment. 

Why the 5 Young Mexican Students Killed?

As per sources, The Attorney General’s investigation Officer Jalisco, the Mexican, has not confirmed the CJNG cartel liable for the shared video of five student murders. The CJNG cartels and Sinaloa compete with the La Orilla del Agua to control the Lagos de Moreno town.

Nevertheless, rendering to the El Pais report, the Sinaloa cartel is liable for the murder video of five young men. The Mexican government exposed the photo and video locations that were taken. There, experts discovered beheaded bodies and four charred.

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We conclude 5 Young Mexican Students KilledThe five young students’ murder video shared on the Internet has gone viral and shocked everyone. The report says that the Mexican gang killed them. Click the link to get detailed information about the 5 young men murdered

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