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{Watch} 4 Pinay Girl Viral Video Part 1: Is Apat NA Babae SA Social Media A New Scandal For 2023? Know Unknown Details Here!

The below post will guide you with the facts and details of the most trending 4 Pinay Girl Viral Video Part 1 content.

Do you know about four Pinay girls who have been getting viral on social media for the last few days? The video has created many controversies since it was posted for the first time on Twitter. Despite having the sensitive content, the video is widely watched and shared among friend groups which makes the video viral on the social media platform.

However, there is nothing new when any video makes a sensation on the internet Worldwide due to its unique content. So, let’s discuss the 4 Pinay Girl Viral Video Part 1.  


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What is in the 4 Pinay Girl Viral Video Part 1?

This video was first uploaded on Twitter on 29th June. The video has explicit content, but despite having sensitive content, the video is widely watched and shared by people. However, later the video was deleted from various social media platforms, including Twitter.

In the video, four girls were seen doing some unusual activity. Though the video has been restricted from almost every social media, people are curiously looking for the video on the internet.

So, if you are looking for a New Viral Video Scandal 2023 video, you must search for the video with some specific keywords.

Further update on the viral video

Since the video was released on the internet, the group JabolTv Girl’s topic has been the most trending topic on the internet. As the video gets viral on the internet, people are desperately searching for the girl’s identity on various social media platforms.

But according to the reports, a girl from the group has released a statement and asked the mass not to share this video further. 

Recently, a statement has been issued on Facebook with the username 엷은갈색. According to the reports, she claimed to be one of the girls from those groups. She requested the public not to spread the video further in this statement.

However, in the statement, she said that that video was recorded a year ago for personal use but was leaked for some reason. Further, she also shared a screenshot of the incident. To learn more about Apat NA Babae Viral SA Social Media, read the post till the end. 

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4 Pinay Girl Viral Video contains some sensitive footage; thus, after this viral video leaked, one of these girls issued a statement on Facebook. In this statement, she urged the people not to spread the video, and this video was taken for some personal purpose. 

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4 Pinay Girl Viral Video Part 1- FAQs

Q1. Does the government take any action against these girls? 

Ans. No, the government hasn’t taken any legal action against these girls.

Q2. What is the nationality of these girls?

Ans. We are not sure about the nationality of these girls, but these girls might belong to the Philippines. 

Q3. Is video still available on the internet?

Ans. The video has been restricted from various social media platforms, but it is still available on many websites.

Q4. Does Twitter ban the account from which this video was posted the first time?

Ans. No, Twitter restricted the video but hasn’t banned the account yet. 

Q5. What is the age of the girl who shared the statement on Facebook?

Ans. We are unsure about the age of the girl who started on Facebook. 

Q6. What is the reaction of the people to this viral video?

Ans. People are throwing a lot of controversies after the video was released on the internet. 

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