4 Girl Viral 2023 Video: What Content Is Present In Apat Na Babae Part 2 Which Is Trending On Twitter, Reddit & Telegram? Know Here!

This article provides information on the 4 Girl Viral 2023 Video and tells the readers about the facts related to the leaked video.

Have you heard about the video of 4 girls trending on the internet? The video of 4 girls dancing in a room is getting viral Worldwide, and many readers are looking to get their hands on the full video.

If you want to know about the story behind the 4 Girl Viral 2023 Video, read the article until the end. 

Why are the 4 girls in the limelight?

Recently, a video leaked from a social media platform where four girls were dancing and showing off their body parts inappropriately. The video received many readers’ attention Worldwide and became a discussion topic. 

Therefore, many users search for the video on different platforms and websites, and the footage becomes viral overnight. 

 Apat Na Babae Part 2 Trending On Twitter

Apat Na Babae or Jabol TV girls has become the most discussed topic on the internet. Previously, Apat Na Babae Part 1 was released on social media platforms 11 seconds long, in which girls showed off their upper body parts.

With the continuation of part 1, there is an Apat Na Babae Part 2, which is trending on different websites where readers can get more footage from Part 1. However, the names and identities of the girls in the video are still unknown because of their safety. 

Are the videos available on social media platforms?

The video on Reddit is down due to its policy, as it contains inappropriate content and images. However, on some websites like Twitter, the video is still active, and the readers share it through links. 

The video is catching the attention of new readers too, and they start searching for the full video on the internet. But unfortunately, there aren’t any links to the full video.

Are the videos available on social media platforms

What is the content of the video?

In the 4 Girl Viral 2023 Video, you will find 4 Asian girls dancing in a room and then start taking off their t-shirts to show their upper body parts. The video became controversial as the video wasn’t supposed to leak on the internet. 

People start searching the video under different names like “Jabol TV girls,” “Apat Na Babae,” “4 Pinay viral video,” and many more. 

Is there any other Pinay Video available?

Apart from the four-girl Pinay video, there are other Pinay videos which are trending on the internet and social media platforms like Telegram, like the Pinay cemetery video in which one young couple is making love. In 2022, the video trends on the internet, especially in the Philippines. 

Social media links-


The video is not for the young audience as it has some mature content. However, many social media platforms are taking down the video so it will only circulate among users. Let’s see whether the users will be able to get the full video or not.

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4 Girl Viral 2023 Video– FAQs

1: What is the origin of the video?

A: The origin place is still unknown, but it means that the video is recorded in the Philippines or any Asian country.

2: Why is the video of 4 girls trending on the internet?

A: The video is trending because of the mature content.

3: Where is the video available?

A: The video is available on Twitter and Telegram with the help of links. 

4: What is the time limit of the video?

A: The leaked video is 11 seconds long.

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