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30K Baht To PHP (Feb 2022) Let Us Find The Value Here!

The details about 30K Baht to PHP below are enough to consider your trading options. Please go through.

Do you see people around you investing in foreign currencies and making a profit? Do you also want to know how to profit with these foreign currencies? If your question is yes, you are at the right place; check the details below for necessary information before making investments.

Currencies are traded in the forex market. It can be either through speculation or hedging. Today we will talk about the conversion of 30K Baht to PHP, which is currently a trending issue in the Philippines. So let us get started to know about this in detail.

Introducing Thailand BAHT

It is the official currency of Thailand, being exclusively managed by the Bank of Thailand. It is divided into 100 satang. It is issued in banknotes of 10 to 1000 baht. The banknote contains a picture of the reigning king of Thailand and other symbols. The currency faced severe distress against the USD during the Asian financial crisis; however, in 2018, it was ranked the best performing currency in the world.

On Thursday, Asian currencies performed well in the forex market. The baht climbed to 5 months high on the currency market with a surge in the gold price.

Before understanding the conversion of 30K Baht to PHP, we will get the related details regarding the current issues, statistics and other data.

About The Philippine PESO

It is the Philippines’ official currency. It is subdivided into 100 sentimos called centavos. The currency market issue is exclusively regulated by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central bank of the Philippines). It is maintained as a floating currency exchange rate.

On Thursday, along with other major currencies, PHP performed well ahead of the central bank meet. Before converting 30K Baht to PHP, the following details are necessary to understand the prospect.

Current Issues in The Asian Currency Market

There are Headwinds in the international currency market like:

  • Rising US interest rates by US Federal Reserve to control inflation.
  • Increasing global tensions.
  • The volatility of economic growth amid a pandemic

Statistics Related To Baht And PHP

Current exchange rate for Baht to PHP is 1.5837 an accordingly we have


  • 29,000 THB – ₱45,927.46
  • 29,500 THB – ₱46,719.31
  • 30,000 THB – ₱47,511.16
  • 30,500 THB – ₱48,303.02
  • 31,000 THB – ₱49,094.87

Thus we can see that 30K Baht to PHP is ₱47,511.16. However, one year ago, the price was ₱48,635.55, which was ₱1,124.39 more than today.


Q1. Where can we trade Baht to PHP?

A1. We can trade it on foreign exchange.

Q2. What are the levels to trade in the Forex Market?

A2. There are two levels, mainly Interbank market and Over-the-counter market.

Final verdict

The forex market is vast, and it needs technical knowledge before investment here. Also, one must be fully aware of the world order and headwinds in the market. Considering the conversion of 30K Baht to PHP attractive for the investors, you must consider doing further research before the investment. Read about the BAHT here.

However, further comments about the same are welcomed in the comment box.

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