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[Full Video Link] 3 Girl 1 Kitten Video Twitter: Check What Is The Content Of 3 Girls 1 Cat Full Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter

This post on 3 Girl 1 Kitten Video Twitter will discuss all the important details related to the viral video of three girls and one kitten.

Do you love kittens? Have you heard about the kitten and girls video? A disturbing video of three girls and one kitten has gone viral on social media, making many people angry. People from Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States are provoked after watching the video and are searching for more details. This post will discuss the crucial details related to the 3 Girl 1 Kitten Video Twitter, so we advise readers to stay connected till the end.


Why is the viral video trending?

The video of three girls and one kitten has gone viral on social media and is currently being searched by many people. So, what made the video so popular? The video was uploaded by a girl and was Viral On Reddit, where three teenage girls threw a black kitten very badly. The worst part of the video was that the girls laughed and enjoyed themselves while the kitten suffered. This angered many people on social media, and they started spreading hate comments on the post. 

At first, people didn’t think much about the Tiktok video and thought it was cute, but after some time, they saw that the kitten was suffering in the video. The video was a Snapchat clip shared by one of the girls. Besides this, a recent report stated that the girls were arrested for their offensive acts. 


We strictly oppose animal assault and cruelty. We are publishing this article just for informative purposes.

Is the video available on social media?

Many people were searching for the video online and were looking for more details about the video. However, recently the video has been deleted from all the social media platforms like Instagram. The video was considered offensive and also promoted animal assault. Hence, the video was completely deleted from social media. Besides this, many people are still talking about the video and are spreading hate towards the video. However, some reports say that people online first liked the video because they didn’t realize that the kitten was getting hurt, but later on, when they saw the people closely, they realized that the girls were assaulting the kitten. The video was also viral on Telegram. People also searched for the girl’s identity, and it was revealed that the girls were aged 13 to 14 and were from Marriotts School. This was identified because the girls were still in the school uniform in the video.

Social media links

Many people are talking about offensive videos on social media platforms.



To summarize this post, it is very sad to see people who assault animals, and we believe that strict action should be taken against people who promote animal cruelty. Please visit this link to learn more about the viral video

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 3 Girl 1 Kitten Video Twitter – FAQs

Q1. What is in the viral video?

Answer: The viral video consists of three girls allegedly assaulting a kitten.

Q2. What were the girls doing in the video?

Answer: The girls were noticed throwing the kitten in the air and then laughing about it.

Q3. Did the video receive likes?

Answer: At first, people didn’t notice much about the 3 Girls 1 Cat Full Video and liked the video by thinking it was cute but later on it turned out to be assault.

Q4. What was people’s reaction to the video?

Answer: People on the internet are continuously spreading hate towards the video and are saying that the video promotes animal cruelty.

Q5. Is the video available on social media?

Answer: The video has been deleted from social media platforms like YouTube.

Q6. Why was the video deleted from social media?

Answer: The video was deleted from social media because it promoted animal cruelty.

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