Schaehrer Lecture at Colgate University

27 Aug

Last spring I delivered a lecture at Colgate University with an overview of various work on civil resistance, including my own stuff with Maria Stephan. The lecture video has been published, and it’s a fairly decent overview of what I think is up with nonviolent resistance these days (or, at least through last spring).

The talk begins at about 13:10.

Incidentally, Colgate University is the alma mater of some other folks who have studied nonviolent action seriously, including Peter Ackerman and Jack DuVall.


One Response to “Schaehrer Lecture at Colgate University”

  1. Christine Chan September 27, 2014 at 12:48 pm #

    Hi Erica, your talk has been very inspiring and encouraging, especially in the current environment in Hong Kong where civil resistance has been very real and imminent, actually happening in this very moment where thousands of police are using pepper sprays to drive nonviolent protestants home (image: In a legal binding protest on 1 Jul 14, reportedly 500k+ participated, that makes at least 6% of HK population of 8mm. ( Other than legal protest which we have every year, a social disobedience campaign – Occupy central ( – was initiated in Jan 2013 and it is going to take place on Oct 1 (if not earlier given the latest development). Based on the current situation, it seems to me the two forces are in a loop – police are using more aggressive means to drive people away (pepper spray to people in the back, arrest), and if they don’t, students/ citizens would be more aggressive in doing non-compliant act say occupying government space and police would get more agitated..

    The situation here could be slightly different case from those in your studies as in 1) we are not fighting for independence but a less restricted chief executive elective process, so we do not mean to disconnect with the Chinese govt if it happens that we were able to see any desired outcome, and 2) the Chinese govt has already on 31 August 2014 announced that the election would be restricted to the candidates supportive of the Chinese central government. Hence while the proclaimed agenda of the disobedience is to ask for a change in ruling, some/many participants may consider this campaign as an expression of their stance.

    Some background for resistance in HK are
    (1) Article 23:
    (2) one-country two-system White paper:

    Just would like to bring to your attention of the situation in Hong Kong (if not already), and if appropriate seek your view on the situation. we are at some very critical moments right now. at the very moment as i type the organizer of Occupy Central has announced that the takeover action would commence now..

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