Chenoweth and Stephan Receive 2013 Grawemeyer Award for “Why Civil Resistance Works”

27 Nov

Erica Chenoweth and Maria J. Stephan have won the 2013 Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order for their book, Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict (Columbia University Press, 2011).

Over at Duck of Minerva, Rodger Payne offers this endorsement:

The authors skillfully employ a multi-method research approach in this work. Specifically, they analyze a large-N database to explain the effectiveness of nonviolent resistance and the ineffectiveness of violence resistance. They also provide interesting and illustrative case studies of the Philippines, Iran, Burma and Palestine. Not all of these cases ended successfully, of course, and they justify their selections in the text.

For those who call for international relations scholars to produce policy-relevant research, this book is an excellent recent example. For everyone else: read it, cite it, and teach it.

Why Civil Resistance Works also won the 2012 Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award, which the American Political Science Association gives annually to the best book on government, politics, or international affairs published in the U.S. during the previous calendar year.

The book is now available in paperback. Click here for a discount code.

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  1. jhoe March 19, 2013 at 9:12 pm #

    good post

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