1Billiontoken Com (May 2021) Token Price, How to Buy

1Billiontoken Com (Jun 2021) Token Price, How to Buy?

1Billiontoken Com (Jun 2021) Token Price, How to Buy? >> A helpful guide for the investors of the new token and the new passive income Bep-20 token generator.

What if you find a Crypto Token that promises to provide cashback to the holders and help make profits? Yes, it is possible with a new Crypto Coin called 1 Billion. 1 Billion Token is the new Crypto token in the Ethereum Mainnet Network. 

1Billiontoken claims to be better than the other Crypto coins available in the Crypto Market for many good reasons. Here, the holders benefit by getting 8% of the transaction back and 2% included in the liquidity pool, while another 2% gets burnt forever. Investors in the United States are attracted. 

The price, holder details, and market capital of the coin is coming soon. But, first, let us learn more about 1Billiontoken com.    

What is 1Billiontoken.com?

1Billiontoken.com is the official website of the popular and newly launched Crypto Token, 1Billiontoken. The new Crypto Token is launched to benefit worldwide holders, including the United States

1Billiontoken is different from other Crypto Coins in the market because it has the highest redistribution percentage of 8%, redistributed to the holders of the coin. 

Besides, holders can enjoy a passive earning by holding the coins, and the anti-whale algorithm makes 1Billiontoken com an optimal choice for the Crypto Investors.  

Apart from 8% of redistribution, the additional 2% is integrated into the liquidity pool, and 2% keeps burning always. The token claims to be the best Crypto Token that feeds your digital wallet on each transaction. 

The mission of the Crypto coin is to allow all holders to make passive income and put back the income into their digital wallet. However, the details regarding its price, supply, market capitalization, and others are missing as it is newly launched. 

About 1billion Token  

It is the best passive income generator that claims to generate Bep20 Token for the holders. The holders of the 1Billiontoken can benefit in different ways. The holders can benefit in the following ways.

  • Frictionless income
  • Consistent burning
  • Higher yield and redistribution  

What is the Supply Distribution?

As the records on the social media page, the supply distribution of the token is as follow:

  • Burned – 32.6%
  • Liquidity – 13%
  • Pre-Sale – 10.9%
  • Internal – 43.5% 

Here are the protocols of the 1Billiontoken com:

  • 8% redistributed to the holders
  • 2% is kept burning forever 
  • 2% goes to the liquidity pool

What is the Live Price, Supply, and Market Cap?

After evaluating the official website, we have found that the token is newly launched, and all details regarding supply, live price, market cap, and number holders are coming soon. So, investors have to wait until the website updates the details. 

How to Buy the Token?

  • Get Trust Wallet and purchase BNB
  • Convert it to the Smart Chain BNB
  • Launched the PanCakeSwap
  • Choose the amount you want to buy
  • Set the slippage at 30%
  • Copy and paste the contract address
  • Swap the BNB to 1billion Token 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q – What is 1Billiontoken?

A – As the website, it is the passive income generator that can generate Bep20 Token for you. 

Q – What is the Contract Address?

A – The contract address of the token is 0x34d74a40b32def4c428e567608c36ed774e801c1.

Q – What is the official website?

A – The official website is – https://1billiontoken.com/


1Billiontoken is the new passive income generator to generate Bep-20 Token for holders. It ensures the highest redistribution and allows holders to benefit in different ways. 

Do you hold the token? What is your opinion for 1Billiontoken com? Kindly share it in the comments section below. Please click here to learn the best platform or apps to buy the Crypto token.

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